HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) continue to receive substantial resources from the government to tackle tax evasion and avoidance, collecting unprecedented amounts of information for analysis to target taxpayers where HMRC considers a risk exists that the right amount of tax has not been paid.

HMRC also enquire at random, so you can be selected even if there is no hint of wrongdoing in any way. Once a taxpayer is selected for enquiry, the requests for information and supporting documentation are not only intrusive, time-consuming and tiresome to prepare for, but are also often of a technical nature.

As a result, representation by a tax professional is usually necessary such that it is quite common for tax enquiries to cost a lot to resolve. You will usually have to bear these costs whether or not HMRC finds extra tax to pay.

We offer a Tax Investigation Service in partnership with a leading insurer which protects you against the cost of representation against HMRC. This gives you peace of mind and safeguards you against unnecessary stress and additional fees.

As part of the service you will also have access to expert telephone-based advice lines on complex areas of employment law, health and safety, and legal matters in addition to a web-based toolkit for human resources. These services are provided by top law firm to ensure you are given the expert advice you require.